The one-stop shop for all things Business Capture and Proposal for Government Contracts on the East Coast.

Business Development

Custom-crafted solutions made with your business aspirations in mind.

Determining where you are in terms of your business goals, we’ll work together to develop a plan for the immediate and long-distance future, so you can access pipelines exclusively tailored for your business. Leveraging insider market insight, client relations, and strategic partnerships that have the power to take your business to new heights.

Superior Market Assessments

Target the most strategically beneficial and profitable Government opportunities.

Utilizing cross-market analysis tools and proprietary systems, our team will explore, identify, and analyze the market’s needs and trends on your behalf to provide an in-depth assessment that drives key decisions and builds a relevant pipeline for your most valuable targets.

Capture Management

Increase your PWin by leveraging the right strategy - and people- for your business.

Develop a comprehensive capture plan to maximize your probability of win with the help of an experienced team that understands the subtle art and near-exact science of business capture. You’ll have backdoor access to a team of experts that dedicated the past 20 years to identifying customer challenges, while maturing powerful execution strategies and opportunities, to significantly set you apart from competitors.

Proposal Development and Management

High-quality proposals that leave nothing to chance.

Creating high-quality proposals can make or break your win. Our accredited team utilizes Shipley’s best practices to implement highly streamlined processes from planning to execution, so you can focus on what you do best - provide killer solutions. Your team is supported every step of the way with templates, revisions, guidelines, high-level coaching, and proven tools that have helped us garner an 80% win rate. You can rely on a nearly stress-free process designed to deliver fully compliant and remarkably compelling proposals.

Oral Presentations That Win

Learn to deliver concise, powerful, and engaging presentations that WIN BIDs.

Get your team expertly coached and prepared to deliver winning presentations that showcase every key theme and discriminator on the evaluation panel’s table - without putting anyone to sleep. We’ll show you exactly how to resonate with the customer, whether you’re presenting virtually, face-to-face, or over the phone. Your team will be rehearsed - and sound perfectly natural- as we coach individual team members and larger groups to polish their delivery skills and build the client’s confidence during the presentation.

Engaging Visual Design

What you say is just half of the story. Present and persuade with powerful visuals that bring your vision to life.

We help tell your story through compliant and compelling proposal graphics that engage the client, skilfully merging tried-and-tested with modern and slick. Knowing that every word counts, our team will ensure that your proposals look and feel like a leather-bound published book.

Strategic Planning

A tactical approach to business capture that goes beyond meeting needs, into business engineering.

We’ll listen and aid in the analysis of your business needs to determine your growth goals and opportunities offering strategic plans to help your business expand into other industries and across agencies. While supporting you as you evaluate and re-assess your core capabilities to align with future opportunities we may create for you.

Program Management

New business is won by exceptional performance - this is not the time to lag.

Execute your new or existing contract from beginning to end with our well-versed support. We will ensure that your program is managed with the utmost attention to detail so you can stand out for the right reasons. Starting with transition planning, financial layouts for monthly and quarterly reports, to program management reviews, our team has the skills and templates to help you lay out a flawless full-scale operation.

Competitive Pricing and Cost Analysis

Building and vetting cost and price data to build thriving businesses.

Let us develop an overall pricing strategy and Price-to-Win scenarios, with custom templates and models for your own utilization to get a solid foundation to build and grow your business. You’re fully supported as we review materials with you and your team prior to submission to ensure complete compliance and consistency.

Unparalleled Technical Expertise

From electronic warfare to aircraft survivability and everything in between.

Capitalize on a diverse set of technical experts that support your customer or program by working in the following, yet not limited to, mission areas: Electronic warfare, aircraft survivability, C5ISR enhancements, radio frequency engineering, and various other technical areas. If it’s in your bid, we have the expert for it.

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